Africa Trip – Can You Help?

Guess what one of my absolute least favorite movies is? Stuart Little! I hate that movie! “Why Stuart Little?” you might ask. If you are familiar with the movie, you know it is about a family who adopts a mouse and raises it as their child. The movie infuriates me and breaks my heart in one specific scene. In this scene, the family goes to an orphanage to choose the child they will adopt. Imagine all of these beautiful children in the orphanage who are living without the love and care of parents. Well, the family in the movie does not select a child; they adopt a mouse. I can’t watch that movie without it getting under my skin. It bothers me for days if I watch it. Why? I have a heart for adoption. I believe the scriptures encourage adoption when they teach that Christ followers are to care for orphans and widows. It breaks my heart to see videos or to meet children growing up in foster care or orphanages around the world. I could easily do exactly what the Little family did in the movie and enter an orphanage to select a child for adoption, but I instead of coming home with a mouse, I would probably come home with SEVERAL children.

But there’s a problem with my heart for adoption and HE is appointed by scripture as head of our home. Tim feels our family is complete; our children feel our family is complete. Tim does not share my heart for adoption.  As we have nearly raised our four children, helped care for my niece and nephew, Isaiah and Jaelyn, and served as foster parents to one more, financially, emotionally, physically, etc. we do not have time, space, or energy to bring more children into our home at this time. God may change that in the future, or my heart for adoption may transfer into future generations, but for now, I agree. It’s not time for us to adopt.

So, what do I do with a heart for adoption and circumstances that prevent it? I could become bitter and angry at my husband, but I’m not. I just pray and wait and trust, I pray for orphans to find families who will love them, and very importantly, I also invest. I invest my time and ministry in visiting children in children’s home and orphanages. I invest my finances in sponsoring parentless children. We were foster parents.  And, as I get the opportunity, I invest financially in assisting families in adopting a child. While I may not get to adopt, I can help care for orphans by financially helping the people who are hands-on caring for orphans. I especially hope to someday help a family I know adopt a child by paying for some of their adoption expenses.

What does all of that have to do with why I am writing to you today? Well, I am actually writing to you to give you the opportunity to sponsor my mission trip to Uganda in October.

No, I am not going to there with plans to adopt children, although I might fall in love with several of them. I am going to partner with a ministry whose aim is to prevent children in Uganda from going into orphanages.  They partner with parents, grandparents, and others who will commit to raising the children in crisis believing “children belong in families”.  It matches my heart for adoption and my passion for assisting parents through hard times. I’ll share more in a future blog!

I shared the story about Stuart Little and my heart for adoption with you, because God is showing me a similarity between my desire to want to invest into adoption even if I can’t adopt, with missions. Jump with me here…There are individuals, maybe yourself included, who have a heart for missions, but at this time due to whatever reason, are unable to go on a mission trip. Even though I was hesitant to ask again for funding, since it seems like mission trips are becoming a common occurrence in our family, God reminded me of my desire to financially help someone adopt a child. He showed me that by not asking for financial assistance I might be robbing you of participating in a ministry that you have a heart for.

If you have a heart for missions, if you see the importance of going into all the world to share God’s love and the gospel of Jesus Christ, but if you can’t go yourself, I want to give you the opportunity to invest in my trip.

I can’t imagine the sorrow I would feel if I knew a friend of mine wanted to adopt a child as their own, but wasn’t moving forward with it because they couldn’t afford the adoption fees-especially when I’ve already promised myself I will help someone adopt someday. Missions work is the same way. If you’ve decided in your heart you would help support missions work, this is your opportunity. Will you pray about giving? And while you’re praying, would you please pray for my trip and the ministry in Uganda?

If you’d like to make a donation to my trip, you can simply write a check to New Life with Africa trip on the memo line and drop it in the offering plate or in the mail to New Life Bible Church, PO Box 7, Winnebago, IL 61088. Or go to and click on donate and then the Africa button. I greatly appreciate any amount you can give to the trip.  If you can donate by August 31, it would be appreciated.

I love and appreciate you and thank you for taking the time to read this. If God is leading you to donate to the trip, I thank you so much for the blessing you are giving me. May you be doubly blessed in return!! I look forward to sharing pictures and updates about the work I do in Africa. Please, remember to pray for me!

This is a long shot, but if anyone wants to sponsor a friend to go with me, please let me know.  Several friends are praying about going, but don’t have the money.  If God provides, they will go–if not, they can’t. Trusting God will provide if it’s His will!  Alone or with a friend, I am committed to going.

In Christ’s Love,


  1. If you are thinking about adoption, please let me know!

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