All About Me

About Me:  I am married to my wonderful husband and best friend, Tim.  He and I met when I was 15 and it was love at first sight (for him)!  It took me a little bit longer, but I fell head over heals in love with him as we worked together in a smalltown grocery store.  Now, 20+ years later, I am still deeply in love with him and love being his wife.  We have four wonderful children and being their mom is the most important job/ministry I have right now.  Our oldest (22) is working on her Masters in Counseling at Olivet Nazarene after graduating from Taylor University. She is our world traveler and has spent one semester abroad in Ireland, a month in Ecuador, several weeks in Peru, and has been to many other countries.  She thrived at Taylor and we love to hear of her adventurous life.  She is beautiful, intelligent, and honors us and God in (almost) all of her decisions.  She’s hoping to specialize in brain research and neuropsychology.  She is called to missions and is devoted to serving God in foreign countries in the mission field.  While daughter #1 is a book smart brain, daughter #2 thrives at common sense. She is a neat kid and often acts as my personal assistant. I call her “my brain” when I forget to do or remember something!  She is also beautiful, a talented singer and blessed with a really awesome personality.  (Just beware if it’s morning.)  She loves shopping, and shoes, and has become an incredible cook!  Glitter is her favorite color and anything girly goes!  She loves coaching cheerleading and all that comes with a mini-cheer squad. She’s a sophomore at our local Junior College. Super proud of her!  Our #3 child (16) is our #1 son.  He is all about sports and cannot live without a ball in his hands at all times.  We dropped the “no throwing balls in the living room” rule years ago and we often entertain him by playing catch there.  (True!)  He is a kind and caring child who lives to honor and please God and us, his parents.  It breaks his heart to get in trouble.  He bleeds green and gold for his beloved Packers!  Once upon a time, his favorite sport was BASEBALL and he always dreamed of playing for Taylor University, but some things do change and this guy’s tearing it up on the football field and the basketball court. Who knows what he’ll end up playing in college or if he’ll play at all, but I do know, he’s an all around athlete and I love to watch him play.  Our baby is all farmer!  He also has green and gold blood, but it is all John Deere.  He would quit school today if we set him up on a farm & he’s only 12.  Remember that “she considers a field and buys it” verse in Prov. 31.  He’s holding me to it!   His goal in life is to drive tractors and a duely truck.  I think he has it picked out and he has $373 saved to buy it.  In my eyes, he’ll always be my baby.  That boy also thrives in sports, and will his solid stature, we’re thinking football might be his game.  He’s a natural at baseball and has worked very hard to develop his form both pitching and hitting.  He loves to cuddle and has a weird thing for pinching the loose skin under my arm.

My real job is at New Life Bible Church in Winnebago,  IL.  I am the Director of Women and Children’s Ministries and love it.  I was made for it.  I love being partners with Tim and my dad (he’s our Senior Pastor) in ministry!!  It truly is my destiny, my calling, and, I hope, my gifting.  Pray for me, because sometimes, I feel like I have the most difficult job in the whole world trying to balance home, church, work, family, housework, etc…gets to feel like a circus juggling act.   Aren’t I a bit self-centered at times…me, thinking about me.  You might get a lot of that on this blog.  Father, forgive me!!

I want with all of my might to live to please God!!  I make mistakes, I’m human, but I am serious about following Christ!!  I need His grace and forgiveness just like anyone else in this world and I thank God every day that I don’t have to pay for my sins, past, current or future!  I really try to honor God with my actions, thoughts, words, and everything I do.  It’s not anything that I could do in my flesh,  but only through the Holy Spirit living in me.   I choose to live for Him.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  Sometimes, it may seem preachy.  If it does, it’s because I need to hear it that day.  It really isn’t for you, but for me.  I learn as I write and I process my emotions as I write.  I’m weird that way!!  I love to think things through and typing it out helps me think straight.  I am a thinker, a worshipper, a Bible student, a outdoors (wo)man, an athlete (under all these extra pounds), a listener, a dancer, a star-gazer, and a friend.  Today, I love my life.  Ask me tomorrow and that might change, but today, I am exactly where God wants me.  I stand before Him in awe!!


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