It wasn’t her fault

Recently, I heard a story about a girl that I’ve loved for years.  This girl in her short teenage life has experienced a history of pain that tops just about anyone I’ve ever met.  She’s precious, she’s beautiful, and she is a handful.  I do believe she is strong, and wise; she is amazing and she is a liar.  I adore her, but I rarely ever see her and hardly ever speak to her.  She crosses my path here and there and I try to reach her.  I try to show her God’s love and to infuse her heart with beauty that breaks through the hard walls she has built around her heart.  She breaks mine.  Her potential is so great…if she survives this life she has been served.

The current story goes that she was being sexually harrassed at school and, this time, she did something about it.  She turned them in and the school agreed, assuming administration watched the video tapes of the boys groping and pressing themselves against this girl.  The boys were punished, suspended.  The horror of the story continues that students, her peers, have started a petition siding with the boys, stating it was her fault, she deserved it, she’s a liar, and she asked for it, that’s just the way she is.  I read some of their facebook posts against her and nearly chewed off my fingers to not type out a mama-bear, grace-less response.

She is precious.  She is hypersexual.  She is a liar.  But she doesn’t deserve to be sexually harrassed.  She doesn’t deserve to be tormented at school.  She doesn’t deserve to be the topic of petitions against her.  She deserves to climb into the lap of the God who loves her, who wipes away the tears that she’s too tough to cry, to hear that voice that once and for all declares, “You are mine! I will fight for you, I will protect you! I will love you!!”  She deserves to know that she is precious in the eyes of our living Savior!  She deserves a friend, a circle of them who turn their back on the world who is inciting the crowd against her and who fall on their knees and their faces on her behalf.

If you have read this far, I assume you are a friend of mine.  I assume you know my heart.  I don’t care if you know this girl.  I don’t care if you know her story.  I don’t care if I know her story, or if she’s lying this time, or if even you would side against her.  I don’t care, because I care so much about her that all of that doesn’t matter.  Would you take a moment, or more, and join with me as we circle the wagons and pray for this child?  Get on your knees and pray your heart out.  For this child is His!!  He will not forsake her and He will not abandon her.  Lord God, move on her behalf!!

2 thoughts on “It wasn’t her fault

  1. Next in the chain…circling the wagons with you and Nicki…. for this is God’s Child…whom HE dearly loves, just as she is, just as WE are…He loves…..and I am signing on to love her to…I do not care that I do not know her, I do not need to…God does, that makes her family……….! PRAYING!

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